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So you want to live in a housing co-op...
...or you've heard of housing co-ops and want to know more...
If so, please read on...

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[PDF icon] Housing Co-operatives Flyer 2009
(PDF document, 309 Kb)

[PDF icon] Community Gateway Flyer 2009
(PDF document, 349 Kb) [More on Community Gateway]


[PDF icon] CCH Training Services
(PDF document, 142 Kb)

Co-operatives UK Co-operative Housing Booklet, June 2008

[PDF icon] Co-operatives UK: Meeting housing needs the co-operative way, June 2008
(PDF document, 1093 Kb)

From the content:

Policies for Housing Co-operatives

The CCH has model policies and procedures available for housing co-operatives covering the following areas:

More information in the Policy advice section.