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Voting Structure

The CCH has what might seem like strange voting structures! However, the reasons for these structures are to:

  1. ensure that the CCH remains an organisation with strong representation from members of housing co-ops.
  2. ensure that no one region of the country dominates the agenda (because housing co-op movements have developed differently in each area).

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is a General Meeting at which all CCH members are entitled to vote. There are three types of CCH members:

  1. housing co-operatives - entitled to one vote
  2. federations of housing co-operatives - entitled to three votes
  3. special interest federations - organisations that support the CCH's aims and objectives - entitled to one vote

The AGM formally does what most AGMs do, i.e. accounts, etc. Members are entitled to put motions to the AGM (although that has to happen prior to the AGM for such motion to be voted on).

CCH General Council

The AGM does not elect the CCH's governing body, the General Council. CCH members in each region determine who their representatives are and submit them to the AGM for ratification. The regions, all entitled to three places (exception noted), are as follows:

It is up to each region to determine how they elect their representatives, but because there has not been much competition for places up to now, it has usually been a case of fitting those who wish to stand to the appropriate region. It has also been custom and practice that the areas which do have region-wide federations (London and the North-East) arrange the delegation from those areas.

Special Interest federations are also able to nominate one delegate to the General Council and there are five places for co-option and latter placed are voted on by the AGM.

That's the formal stuff! We obviously want those that want to be involved in the CCH to be able to be involved. If you feel that you want to get involved with the CCH and/or be a CCH General Council member, contact us.