CCH 21th Annual Conference 2014: Lotsa steam and funny moustaches!

CCH Conference 2013

11th to 13th July 2014 at the Chancellor's Hotel, Manchester University

A time of challenge and change. How we maintain our co-ops in times of austerity and cuts in welfare benefits. How we refresh and renew our committees. How we use the assets we have built up over the years to enable the co-operative housing sector to move forward. All challenging questions.

A time of opportunity. New co-operative housing as a result of Welsh Government activity. Interest from the Greater London Authority and some stirrings in the UK Government. Lots of interest in communities, local authorities and housing associations.

Is the next generation of co-operative housing waiting to be built?

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New co-operative and community-led homes

The Confederation of Co-operative Housing, with the support of national English and Welsh housing and co-operative organisations, is pleased to announce the launch of a new guide on developing new co-operative and community-led homes. It is a basic guide for community groups, local authorities, housing associations, housing co-operatives and others who are interested in exploring the developing of new co-operative and community-led homes. [Read more]

HCA fees consultation submission

The Homes and Communities Agency is consulting on whether and how they might charge fees to Registered Provider landlords (including co-ops) for regulation. This is the CCH's submission to that consultation.

[PDF icon] CCH submission to the HCA "charging fees" consultation
(PDF document, 187 Kb)

CCH Submission to the Lyons Housing Review

CCH Submission to the Lyons Housing Review - charged with identifying how 250,000 homes will be built/resourced each year to meet housing need. We identify that at least some of these homes should be co-operative and we particularly discuss the work being done in Wales by Welsh communities, local authorities and housing associations (with the support of the Welsh Government and the CCH) to develop co-operative housing as being indicative of what could and should be happening in England. [Download]

CCH Membership Consultation 2014

This is a summary consultation report from the CCH membership consultation carried out in 2013. The report summarises what the 72 housing co-ops and 18 other organisations consulted have told us and what we are planning to do to respond. Better member communication and CCH structures that enable this are key themes. [Download]

CCH 20th Annual Conference 2013

CCH Conference 2013

19th to 21st of July 2013 at Warwick University, Coventry

Download presentations from the conference.

These are challenging times. The behemoth of home ownership lies languishing fatally wounded but still desperate to unleash another global economic crisis. Social housing limps on, unloved and under-resourced, its tenants ravaged by the blight of welfare reform. And no one knows whether the white charger of institutional private renting will really come to our aid.

From out of all this carnage, the human spirit stirs. All over the country communities glimmer - starting to build new models of co-operative housing for themselves in a new era, unleashing the same co-operative endeavour that built housing co-ops in the 70s, 80s and 90s and strengthening our movement.

Resolving Complaints Locally

[04-03-2013] CCH and The National Tenant Organisations have launched their Resolving Complaints Locally guide aimed at "designated persons" tenant panels, councillors and MPs. Get the PDF here.

Accreditation Framework for Housing Co-operatives

[04-09-2012] The Confederation of Co-operative Housing has launched its 2012 update to the Accreditation Framework for Housing Co-operatives. The accreditation process for housing co-operatives has been simplified to reflect feedback from CCH's members and changes to the regulation of social housing.

[PDF icon] Accreditation Framework for Housing Co-operatives 2012
(PDF document, 431 Kb)

CCH 19th Annual Conference 2012 - International Year of Co-operatives

13th to 15th July 2012 at Warwick University, Coventry

2012 is the International Year of Co-operatives. But what does this mean to us in the English housing co-operative sector? Faced with our day to day challenges to make our co-ops and communities successful, how do we fit into the international community of co-operatives? These questions formed the central theme of this year's CCH conference.

Download the presentations from the conference.

Mexfield / Berrisford judgment

Co-ops may have heard about the Mexfield / Berrisford judgment and the potential consequences it may have on fully mutual housing co-op tenancies. The CCH has been exploring this issue, and has produced the paper below for information.

All fully mutual co-ops need to seek legal advice (either directly themselves or through their service providers) to consider the implications for them with regards the Mexfield judgment.

[PDF icon] Fully Mutual Housing Co-ops and the Supreme Court ruling in the case of Berrisford v Mexfield Housing Co-op
(PDF document, 224 Kb)

[PDF icon] Sample tenancy agreement
(PDF document, 272 Kb)

[PDF icon] Solicitors
(PDF document, 67 Kb)

CCH Code of Governance 2012

[08-05-2012] The CCH have revised the joint CCH and NHF code of governance for co-operative and mutual housing organisations. It is intended to be a generic code that could apply to a range of co-operative and mutual housing organisations. The aim of the code is to be a useful guide to help co-ops review and improve their governance.

[PDF icon] CCH Code of Governance 2012
(PDF document, 3059 Kb)

Co-op Homes achieves CCH Accreditation

Co-op Homes

[29-01-2012] Co-op Homes, part of Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP), is the second service provider to achieve accreditation from the Confederation of Co-operative Housing.

CCH Accreditation was developed in partnership with the Tenant Services Authority (TSA) to strengthen standards in housing co-operatives and to ensure excellence in service provision, particularly in relation to the TSA's regulatory standards. It is an independent benchmark for quality and excellence in service provision and is a fantastic achievement for the small team based at RHP's Group headquarters in Teddington.

Managing Director Sue Philpott says: "I am passionate about improving our core services, and am very pleased that our great progress has been recognised this way. I and the Board have set challenging targets to meet in the years to come, hoping that we can continue to deliver and improve upon the great service our customers have come to expect."

Co-op Homes was set up in 1986 to develop co-operative housing in West London and beyond. Today it provides housing management and maintenance, administrative, financial and governance support services to its own residents and 14 primary co-ops, covering approximately 700 households spread across the Thames Valley and East Anglia.

The Berrisford vs Mexfield case

[13-12-2011] The recent Supreme Court case of Berrisford v Mexfield Housing Co-operative Ltd. due to its potential wide-ranging implications for tenants of mutual housing co-operatives and associations, has been considered by the CCH General Council at its latest meeting on 28th November. [Read more]

2012 International Year of Co-operatives -
Co-operative Enterprises build a better world!

2012 International Year of Co-operatives Logo

Be part of it! 2012 - International Year of Co-operatives is a unique chance to celebrate co-operatives. From Argentina to Zambia, the 1.4 million co-operatives across the globe will be celebrating and showing how they build a better world.

CCH would like housing co-operatives across the UK to make a commitment to take action for IYC 2012 by raising the profile of your co-operative to show how you help build a better world! You can order a toolkit from the Co-operatives UK dedicated 2012 website which has loads of ideas and promotional materials that you can use, or be creative and come up with your own fabulous event! There is also a logo that you can use based on the slogan of the year, 'Co-operative enterprises build a better world' [Read more]